Jeff Walk of The Nature Conservancy.

A total of 455 species and two species groups have been officially recorded in the state as of April 2023.

Weaver finches of Illinois are the house sparrow and Eurasian tree sparrow. .

8 in (18-25 cm) Dark-eyed Juncos are sometimes known as ‘ snow birds ’ because they appear to be so hardy.


black-capped chickadees. Mergus merganser – Common Merganser. .

7 oz (17-19 g) Wingspan: 7.

Northern Cardinal. The list consists of both land and water birds such as the Common Goldeneye, one of a handful of duck species that enjoy the ponds and lakes around the city. 3.

Melanitta nigra – Black Scoter. Out of all of the egret species that live in the state, the aptly named Great Egret is the largest.

state of Illinois and accepted by the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee (IORC).


. Out of the 9000+ species of birds found worldwide, over 200 have been spotted in Illinois.

Wingspan: 20 – 22cm. .

Jeff Walk of The Nature Conservancy.
They are active.

The Prairie State is a great place for birdwatching, with 2 national forests, 5 state forests, and 43 parks where our fine feathered friends can forage and frolic.

Nov 7, 2022 · The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of Illinois.

. Cardinalis cardinalis; Size: 9″ (22. .

[1]. Literature Cited. White Oak. Select the department you want to search in. . Scientific Name: Junco hyemalis.

The Northern Cardinal is the official state bird of Illinois and is a medium-sized songbird, measuring up to 9.

Birds of Illinois. Near the bottom of each species page, you will notice the status listed as either common or casual.


The rest of the bird’s body is typically grayish black.


American robins can be found in all of Illinois year round.

There are 11 species of red birds in Illinois that have been spotted.