Today we have our first look at the latest in a long line of Chinese handheld emulation devices - the Miyoo Mini.


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PS1 had a closer CPU architecture to Miyoo, so it's easier to emulate at a lower level.

No Excessive Trolling! We are all here for a common interest and to help each other. com. 1 / 4.

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14 comments. Metro Grade Gaming Mods Storefront is open! Miyoo Mini V2 accessories ready to ship, link in images.

Miyoo AliE.

I have seen the RG350 which seems cool.


Never imagined that I will own several handhelds and Mod them. The Miyoo Mini sports a 2. rightsprite.

. Hardware mods. Opens in a new window or tab. An app for easy boot logo flashing on the Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus - GitHub. It's ok to have a preference, just please also.

Made a snap on Miyoo Mini Plus case which stays open using a latch, and shuts with magnets !.

I ordered from here. (Avatar sub credits: Cimpix17).




5mm to bluetooth dongle inside the mini, powered from same battery and connected to same port but from inside.