Vintage Lab Apothecary Pyrex Glass Fleaker By Corning 1000ml No.

The standard low form beaker with spout was originally devised by John Joseph Griffin, an.

PYREX ® glass is made of exceptional strength and stability with brilliant transparency. 99.

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Conical joints are the most common type of ground glass joint and comprise a (male) cone and (female) socket. The beaker stands approximately 5 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. Beaker, with spout, manufactured with uniform wall thickness, offers optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength.

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Vintage Pyrex Laboratory Glassware Reagent Bottle / Cat.

PYREX Code 7740 glass is designed for use in all laboratory glassware requiring very high resistance to strong acids, alkalis and products intended for use in heat applications such as autoclaves, hot plates and open flame.

PYREX® Brand Products. Lab Glass & Plastic Corning PYREX brand Glassware 23 Beakers 34 Bottles and Jars 56 Burets 3 Centrifuge Tubes 1 Distillation 55 Flasks 44 Funnels 37 Graduated Cylinders 14 Pipettes, Bulbs and Pumps 19 Glass Stir Rods 4 Test Tubes & Accessories 17 Glass Tubing 14 Vials 18 Watch Glasses 2.

5900 Beaker. All sizes have an extra large marking spot.

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Pyrex ® Laboratory Glassware. .

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PYREX® lab glassware is built to withstand even the most demanding laboratory.

PYREX Glass Petri Dish with Cover – Glass Laboratory Equipment – Premium.

For 100 years, Corning has developed special glass for use in both chemical and life science laboratories, including PYREX® glass.